The reasons for PTFE Teflon adhesive tape residue

First confirm that whether the Teflon tape high temperature data is in line with production requirements, usually require temperature resistance 210℃ to 260℃.

Whether the temperature data of the production line is in the technological requirement range, whether the temperature is too high, check whether the temperature sensor is normal.

Teflon adhesive tape its quality problems. If Teflon tape in the coating production process is strictly in accordance with the pressure-sensitive adhesive baking data for heating and curing, curing time is not enough or too fast coating speed will lead to glue, primer glue, the substrate can not be the three components Combination.

After Teflon tape coated adhesive gluing, semi-finished products should be left standing for 2-3 days before rewinding slitting use, the purpose is to glue the full integration with the substrate, the glue in the natural state completely cured.

PTFE Teflon adhesive tape usage and storage precautions

The method of application of Teflon adhesive tape

A. Clean the sticky surface before paste, after the surface of volatile alcohol, than start to paste.

B. The movement needs to light when you take apart and using Teflon tape, should not hard and not to stretch the tape; otherwise it will cause degumming, or heat deformation.

C. Paste uniform pressure, it is recommended from the side of the beginning to pressure, uniform rush to the other side, can not have bubbles, so the tape to show a good paste.

D. When you using Teflon tapes, try to avoid direct contact with the tape surface, It is recommended that the adhesive tape be trimmed after the tape is pasted, otherwise the adhesive tape will be affected.

E. In the case of having a concavo-convex surface and a more severe skewing deformation, there may affect the paste effect. So please try to paste the surface after finishing flat paste.

The storage precautions of Teflon adhesive tape

A. Make sure to put the Teflon tape in a special carton and store it at the specified humidity and temperature.

B. Please choose a place to avoid direct sunlight for storage.

PTFE Teflon adhesive tape characteristics

Teflon adhesive tape surface is smooth, has a good anti-adhesive, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. Teflon tape is widely used in packaging, Teflon tape thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat, electrical and electronic industries, anti-corrosion heat-resistant insulation and other parts of paste, and has repeatedly paste function. Teflon tape, which is reinforced by fabric, is used in the roller of the sizing machine, thermoplastic stripping and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace. Teflon tape can be directly stick to a variety of large surface and the rules of the surface (such as roller), and the operation is very simple. Exempted from spraying PTFE materials to be professional equipment, special processes and must be transported to a professional spray processing plant restrictions.

The normal roll width of Teflon adhesive tape is 1 meter, and roll length is 50 meters. There are three colors for Teflon tape, Brown, White and Black. At the same time can be cut into a variety of width, and in accordance with customer requirements to produce different thickness Teflon adhesive tapes. Teflon film tape is made of high performance PTFE film, after special treatment on the high temperature silicone. The maximum width is 1000 mm, the color is white or gray.

The main features of PTFE Teflon tape
1. Temperature resistance from -196 ℃ to 300 ℃, with weather resistance, anti-aging. Through the practical application, such as in 250 ℃ high temperature conditions placed consecutively 200 days, not only strength will not become low, and also don’t reduce weight, In 350 ℃ high temperature for 120 hours, the weight only decreased about 0.6%, at -180 ℃ ultra-low temperature and can maintain the original flexibility.

2. Non-adhesive: smooth surface, not easy to adhere to any substance. Easy to clean the surface attached to a variety of oil stains, stains or other attachments; paste, resin, paint, etc. almost all of the adhesive material can be simply removed.

3. Resistant to chemical corrosion, resistant to strong acid, alkali, aqua regia and a variety of organic solvents corrosion.

4.  Chemical resistance, non-toxic. Almost resistant to all pharmaceutical items.

5. With high insulation properties (dielectric constant: 2.6, tangent less than 0.0025), anti-ultraviolet, anti-static.

6. Fire retardant

7. Easy to use, long service life.

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The Tribological properties and mechanical properties of TEFLON composites

Polytetrafluoroethylene (TEFLON) is a kind of excellent solid lubricating materials, it has a low friction coefficient and good chemical stability and thermal stability, but the wear resistance of TEFLON was poor. At present, people have used different kinds of packing to filling modification of PT FE, and the friction and wear properties of TEFLON composites are a lot of research, but the quenching effect on tribology properties and the mechanical properties of TEFLON composites research has yet to see detailed report. This paper uses the polyimide, polystyrene grease, CdO, Cu powder, glass fiber and carbon fiber, etc. Filling modification of TEFLON, using M M – 200 wear testing machine of TEFLON composites under the condition of dry friction the friction and wear properties are studied, and probes into the impact of quenching process of TEFLON composites tribological properties and the mechanical properties.

Experimental section
To Cu, Pb, CdO powder, graphite (Gr), glass fiber (GF) and carbon fiber (CF), polyimide (PI) and polystyrene resin (Ekonol) (particle size is less than 76 microns) at a certain volume is added to the TEFLON powder (size 39 microns), after mixing cold pressing molding, then free sintering in air, some of these samples quenching process. Sample size is 30 mm *7 mm*6 mm, dual for 45 # steel ring diameter of 40 mm, samples and 45 # steel ring surface are made of 900 # water sand paper polishing burnish.At room temperature, the dry friction condition, use M M – 200 type abrasion tester on friction and wear properties of TEFLON composites is evaluated. Before each test, the sample and dual surface with acetone tampons scrub clean, and dry in the air. This experiment chooses the load is 200 N, at the rate of 0. 42 m/s, the friction and wear test time is 120 min. Wear in grinding crack width gauge on the surface of the sample after test. By measuring the friction moment, and then calculate the coefficient of friction, the friction coefficient within 60 min after taking average. Hardness test carry out on burawoy microhardness meter. Tensile properties in tension test machine for L J500 type, sample size according to the provisions of the GB/T 1040-92 with type I sample.

The results and discussion
Tab.1 shows the friction and wear properties of TEFLON composites and mechanical properties of the test results. We can see that almost all packing can reduce the wear and tear of the TEFLON composite material, greatly improve the TEFLON abrasion resistance of the composite material.At the same time, the addition of filler were improved in different degree hardness of TEFLON composites, but decreased the tensile strength of the TEFLON composite materials (except for # 5 samples) and elongation. In this experiment chooses packing, polystyrene resin has a good damping effect, so that the eps grease filling of the two kinds of TEFLON composites (# 2 and # 3 samples) has good abrasion resistance, but the two PT FE composite materials tensile strength is small. Whereas cdos reduces the friction coefficient of TEFLON composites, which makes the CdO filling two kinds of TEFLON composites (7 # and 8 #) sample has good friction performance, but the two poor wear resistance of TEFLON composites. Carbon fibers and graphite filled TEFLON composite material friction and wear properties of the samples (# 13), though poor, but the tensile strength and elongation are larger. And Cu powder and carbon fiber filled PT FE composite samples (5 #) composite friction, abrasion and mechanical performance is good. In Fig. 1 and Fig. 4 shows the amount of PI to PT FE friction coefficient of the composite material, grinding crack width, the influence of the elongation and tensile strength. From Fig. 1, you can see that PI filling increases the PT FE composite material, the friction coefficient and friction coefficient of TEFLON composites basically as the PI content increases. Fig. 2 the results showed that the PI fill greatly reduces the PT FE composite wear; But in this test, within the limits of PI amount as the PI content increasing, the increase of the content of PI has a little influence on wear resistance of TEFLON composites. Fig. 3 the results showed that the PI filling percentage elongation of TEFLON composites basically decrease with the increase of content of PI. Fig. 4 shows that the result of the PI, the tensile strength of the filled TEFLON composites with PI decreased with the increase of adding amount of first, then with the PI amount increases with increasing (30% ~ 60%).

Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 show the friction coefficient and wear scar width of polystyrene fat filled TEFLON composites (2# samples) changes in load curves, respectively. It can be seen that polystyrene resin filled TEFLON composites (2# sample) the wear scar width increases as the load increases, the friction coefficient decreases with the increasing load.

Tab. 2 show the pure TEFLON under two different conditions that free cooling and hardening of tensile strength and elongation of the test results. It can be seen that quench has little influence on tensile strength of TEFLON, but increase the elongation of TEFLON and TEFLON the crystallinity of the sample. Therefore, the crystallinity of TEFLON material size had little effect on the tensile strength, elongation increases with lower crystallinity.

Fig. 7 to Fig. 9 respectively gives the quenching treatment on PT FE friction coefficient of the composite material, the influence of grinding crack width and hardness. Fig. 7 results show that quenching treatment make TEFLON + 30 (v) % PI the friction coefficient of the composite increased obviously, but for several other PT FE has little influence on friction coefficient of the composite material. Fig. 8 results show that, with the exception of polyphenyl grease filling PT FE composite samples (2 #), quenching the wear and tear in the other kinds of TEFLON composites increase, lower wear resistance. And Fig. 9 shows that the result of the quenching process are in different degree, reduce the PT FE hardness of the composite material.

Comprehensive Tab. 2 and Fig. 7 ~ Fig. 9, you can see that the result of the quenching process to lower crystallinity of TEFLON composites, which leads to its hardness decreases, and increase the elongation and abrasion (polyphenylene grease filling PT except FE abrasion resistance of the composite material).Quenching the PT FE + 30 (v) % PI the friction coefficient of the composite increased obviously, but for several other PT FE has little influence on friction coefficient of the composite material. Therefore, quenching treatment does not favor the comprehensive performance of TEFLON composites to improve.

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