PTFE Teflon adhesive tape usage and storage precautions

The method of application of Teflon adhesive tape

A. Clean the sticky surface before paste, after the surface of volatile alcohol, than start to paste.

B. The movement needs to light when you take apart and using Teflon tape, should not hard and not to stretch the tape; otherwise it will cause degumming, or heat deformation.

C. Paste uniform pressure, it is recommended from the side of the beginning to pressure, uniform rush to the other side, can not have bubbles, so the tape to show a good paste.

D. When you using Teflon tapes, try to avoid direct contact with the tape surface, It is recommended that the adhesive tape be trimmed after the tape is pasted, otherwise the adhesive tape will be affected.

E. In the case of having a concavo-convex surface and a more severe skewing deformation, there may affect the paste effect. So please try to paste the surface after finishing flat paste.

The storage precautions of Teflon adhesive tape

A. Make sure to put the Teflon tape in a special carton and store it at the specified humidity and temperature.

B. Please choose a place to avoid direct sunlight for storage.