High Temperature Teflon Tape Is Applied To The Pulp Drum

Many mortar rollers use Teflon spray processing for convenient use, which can reduce friction and make winding more convenient. But when using, the Teflon spray coating on the drum will wear out, causing abnormal production. If the cost of the scrap roller is too great, and the repair roller is sprayed again, the cost is not low, and the operation is very troublesome.

High Temperature Teflon Adhesive Tape

Now, Teflon tape with release paper can be used instead of Teflon spraying, and Teflon tape can be pasted on the pulp drum, and the effect of Bitter Flon spraying is better.

Compared with traditional spray rollers, the use of Teflon tape is convenient, low technical requirements, and durable.

However, in order to make the service life of the Teflon tape sticking roller longer, pay attention to the following technical points:

  • Clean the surface of the yarn pulp drum that needs to be pasted with Teflon tape. The cleaning agent is best to use alcohol and wipe with cotton sliver. The yarn sizing drum must have a smooth surface, no iron filings, and no other impurities, so that the Teflon tape can better stick to the drum.
  • When the rollers are pasted with Teflon tape, they need to be partially overlapped. Use scissors to cut out the Teflon tape that is about 5CM longer than the required length, and take the cut Teflon tape to the side of the roller to be pasted.
  • Take the Teflon tape to the roller, slowly tear off the yellow release paper, and at the same time, attach the exposed part of the rubber surface to the roller, tear off the tape while attaching it. You can use cloth or newspaper during the attaching process The soft objects are rubbed and flattened at the roller where the Teflon tape has been applied. After the application is completed, make sure that the two sides of the Teflon tape overlap
  • After attaching the Teflon tape, carefully check whether there are small bubbles between the tape and the drying cylinder. If so, you can use a pin or other sharp object to remove the small bubbles one by one and flatten them.

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