The applications of PTFE Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon adhesive tape surface is smooth, has a good anti-adhesive, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. Teflon tape is widely used in packaging, Teflon tape thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat, electrical and electronic industries, anti-corrosion heat-resistant insulation and other parts of paste, and has repeatedly paste function. Teflon tape, which is reinforced by fabric, is used in the roller of the sizing machine, thermoplastic stripping and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

For the packaging of food, rice pockets, medicines and other heat sealing pressure-sticky parts.
Teflon tape used as a heat sealing of plastic film.
For the precision roller surface of packaging dyeing and resin processing.
For packaging adhesives, laminating material coating machine roller surface.
Teflon tape for packing hopper, rail friction surface.
For non-adhesive packaging and the need to maintain the smoothness of the site.
As the equipment accessories lining use.
Teflon tape as insulation pads, insulation parts of the insulation package and other insulation package with the seam.

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