How to store Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon adhesive tape is smooth, has good anti-sticking, chemical resistance, high temperature and high insulation, it is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat and electrical and electronic industry. However, it is often appear this kind of circumstance during use: Teflon adhesive tape can not be used after bought back and store for few months. The problem is mainly due to storage and protection. So what do you need to pay attention to in storage and protection?

Storage Teflon adhesive tape should be packaged in a good package, and then sealed with plastic film, Seal is to avoid the sun, rain, and also to prevent contact with chemical corrosion solvents, but also should keep the warehouse dry and fire. Same type and thickness of Teflon adhesive tape should be placed together, and indicate the storage time with the label. If you want to store unspent Teflon adhesive tape, the tape should not only with plastic film packaging, but also with the label indicate the use of time and storage time. When using tape, be sure to follow the storage time to use. In the tape storage time, we need to regularly open the tape packaging, check the tape color and viscosity,If finding problems, one should timely handle with.

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