Teflon High Temperature Tape

Which Industries Are Teflon High Temperature Tape Used In?

Teflon tape has a smooth surface, good anti-adhesion, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance, and excellent insulation properties. Widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, compounding, sealing and heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries. The fabric-reinforced PTFE Teflon tape has the characteristics of more practical strength. It can be applied to the drum of the sizing machine, thermoplastic demolding and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

Ordinary Teflon high temperature tape can be used at 260 degrees, and some customized Teflon tapes can be used at higher temperatures.

Usually Teflon high temperature tape is used in the following eight industries.

  • It is used for heat-sealing and pressing-bonding parts for packaging food, rice pockets, medicines, etc.
  • Teflon tape is used as a heat seal for plastic film.
  • It is used to package the surface of the fine pressing roller for dyeing and resin processing.
  • It is used for the surface of the rollers of packaging adhesives and lamination coating machines.
  • Teflon tape is used for packing the friction surface of hopper and guide rail.
  • It is used for packaging non-adhesive and parts that need to maintain smoothness.
  • Use as the lining of equipment accessories.
  • Teflon tape is used as insulating liner, insulating seam of insulating parts and other insulating seam.

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