Do not use exceed the shelf life of the PTFE Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon adhesive tape with a shelf life, the viscosity and strength of the Teflon tape exceed the shelf life is poor than the tape in shelf life.

The composition of Teflon adhesive tape: Inside is glass fiber cloth, and then coated with Teflon, and finally stick glue on the Teflon cloth, adhesive composition is the high-temperature silicone.
The problem of Teflon adhesive tape is affected by the sticky after shelf life: Over time, the viscosity of high-temperature silicone in Teflon tape will decline due to time, Based on the results of the aging test, we recommend that manufacturers with high viscosity requirements should use the Teflon tapes within 1 year after purchase. 3 to 5 months of viscosity can be guaranteed, then the viscosity will slowly decline, more than one year after the viscosity will be greatly reduced.

Another component of Teflon adhesive tape is Teflon coated fiber glass cloth. Because of long-term contact with air, so Teflon cloth by the corrosion of air and gradually be oxidized, thus affecting the strength. Originally high strength Teflon tape, because a long time in contact with air, it can easily be torn off when tearing. Therefore, we suggest customers do not to buy too may Teflon tapes, generally not more than 6 months dosage.

Teflon tape is a consumable, after used a period of time should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid has an impact on production because of environmental impact, do not to use the almost over the shelf life tapes.