How to detect PTFE Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon tape is a chemical resistant, high temperature, has excellent insulation properties, and widely used in packaging thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat, electrical and electronic industries. Do you know how to detect Teflon adhesive tape?

Teflon tape testing laboratory to maintain the ambient temperature at 23 ± 2 ℃, the temperature at 65 ± 5% R.H. Put the Teflon tape sample in the test environment for 24 hours or more, the three layers of each roll of testing tape should be discarded, when cutting the test piece, the adhesive surface can not be touched by hand or other articles. Teflon tape thickness can be marked percentile or thousands based on actual needs, measurement method is the whole volume of adhesive tape opened after the viscose face up, then the thickness of each equal to the measured distance of more than 3 points to take the average.

Measurement Teflon tape width is generally cut 30 cm long test piece, place 20 minutes, and then a number of vernier caliper measurements, take the arithmetic mean. Measuring length is the volume of glass, plastic surface up, placed 1 hour later, with the tape measure about the amount of time to measure the length of the number of joints should also be checked.

Check whether the Teflon high temperature adhesive tape has adhesive residue on the back, you can roll the whole degumming, from the edge of the first 3-5 seconds per meter speed opened. Take the test piece 50mm * 300mm, diameter 1 / 32-1 inches of stainless steel ball, the roller table placed on a flat glass plate, In order to ensure that the absorbent cotton can be wet volatile ethyl acetate tried the surface of the ball table and the ball, needs to adjust the oblique roller table tilt angle of 30 degrees, at this time the test piece is still flat, and then put the tested ball with a pair of tweezers on the top of the pachinko ball utensil, then press the ejector valve, The ball will slide along the inclined table to the test piece, select the size of the ball, and adjust the ball down the different tracks, record the maximum stuck ball number.

Test Teflon tape peel strength, Select the constant speed per minute up to 300mm of the tensile machine, size 120mm * 400mm * 2.35mm 304 or 302 stainless steel, width 45mm, diameter 83mm, weight 2000 ± 50g metal roller, while wrapped in 6mm thick, hardness 80 ± 5 of the vulcanized rubber. First with absorbent cotton impregnated with ethyl acetate will wipe clean steel plate, placed 5 minutes, until the surface is completely dry, and then pull the plastic cut width 25mm, length 250mm of the test piece, and then gently fit the center of the steel, and then with 2KG roller pressure on the steel plate back and forth pressure on the test piece one time, the pressure of the speed is 300mm / min, if not produce bubbles is well, rolling after the protrusion of the steel plate to pull the film or pull back to 180 degrees to pull back to the folder in another chuck, when the rally machine starts to record, take the memory of the median of the three pieces of the arithmetic mean , For ease of operation, Teflon tape can be attached to the other side with 0.02-0.03mmOPP or polyester film.
Test the holding force of Teflon tape, select the CN-4851 pressure-sensitive adhesive tape holding viscosity tester, 25mm * (25mm + 45mm) 302 or 304 stainless steel sheet, 45mm wide, 83mm diameter, weight 2000 ± 50g metal roller. The test plate and the loading plate were first wiped with absorbent cotton impregnated with ethyl acetate, and the test piece was pasted in the middle of the test plate and the loading plate in parallel to the longitudinal direction of the plate. Rolls were rolled on the test piece at a linear speed of 300mm/min pressure three times. After the test piece is stuck, place it for 20 minutes. The test temperature will depend on the tape, usually 23 ± 2 ℃, 40 ± 2 ℃. Then the anti-test plate is fixed to the test rack vertically, and the loading plate and the weight of 1kg are connected by a pin. Then start to record the test start time, until the test piece from the steel slide position, and then take the test time average of three times.