The reasons for PTFE Teflon adhesive tape residue

First confirm that whether the Teflon tape high temperature data is in line with production requirements, usually require temperature resistance 210℃ to 260℃.

Whether the temperature data of the production line is in the technological requirement range, whether the temperature is too high, check whether the temperature sensor is normal.

Teflon adhesive tape its quality problems. If Teflon tape in the coating production process is strictly in accordance with the pressure-sensitive adhesive baking data for heating and curing, curing time is not enough or too fast coating speed will lead to glue, primer glue, the substrate can not be the three components Combination.

After Teflon tape coated adhesive gluing, semi-finished products should be left standing for 2-3 days before rewinding slitting use, the purpose is to glue the full integration with the substrate, the glue in the natural state completely cured.