Teflon High Temperature Cloth and its Application

Teflon high temperature cloth is a product with broad uses, which is renowned for its excellent properties, high-temperature resistance and dimensional stability. Glass fiber is generally used as a basic raw material for Teflon high temperature cloth. Glass fiber is woven into different styles of glass cloth such as twill, plain and so on through different weaving methods, and then it is produced by unique process, and finally coated with a liquid known as PTFE in Shenzhen Core-Tex Composite Materials Co., Ltd. The production of a heat-resistant cloth is Teflon high temperature cloth.

Teflon high temperature cloth is a kind of high performance composite material with stable chemical property. So it is widely used in many fields, such as aviation industry, paper industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and so on.

Application Range of Teflon High Temperature Cloth

1. Gaskets for heating food, like baking platters and microwave gaskets.

2. Anti-sticking linings or gaskets.

3. According to the different thickness, it can be used in conveyor belt, adhesive tape and sealing tape in a variety of machinery.

4. It can be used as corrosion resistant materials for various petrochemical pipelines, insulated, heat-resistant materials in electric industry and desulfurization materials in environmental protection.

Teflon High temperature cloth has high strength, low extensibility, and low and high temperature resistance. It’s not going to be a severe distortion. It’s also able to maintain great chemical stability between minus 70 degrees Celsius and 260 degrees Celsius. Its surface keeps smooth, and dose not stick together all kinds of goods. Teflon high temperature cloth also has a very excellent corrosion resistance to strong acid and alkali. These performances make Teflon high temperature cloth be extremely useful in the chemical industry.

Teflon tape storage, use and maintenance

Teflon tape should be stored in the warehouse, to avoid sun and rain. Prohibition of acid-base oil organic solvent contact, keep clean and dry, 1m away from the discovery device, room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

Teflon tape should be placed in rolls, not folded. If the storage time is too long, it should be flipped quarterly.

It is best to use cranes when loading and unloading conveyor belt, and with beam of rigging to lift up smoothly, avoid damaging the edges. Do not barbaric loading and unloading, causing loose rejection thrum.

According to the needs of use and specific conditions to reasonable choose Teflon tape types and specifications.

Different varieties, specifications, strength, the number of layers of tapes can’t be connected (with group) together.

It is better to use heat vulcanized adhesive for conveyor belt connector to improve reliability, maintain high effective strength.

Conveyor roller diameter and conveyor belt minimum pulley diameter should comply with the relevant provisions.

Do not make the tape snake or creep, to keep the roller, vertical roller flexible, tension should be moderate.

If the Conveyor equipped with baffle and cleaning device, wear and tear on the tape should be avoided.

Cleanliness is the basic condition for good tape operation. Other substances will affect the tape off center, tension differences, and even rupture.

If any damage found in the use of Teflon tape, we should promptly find the cause and repair, to avoid the emergence of any adverse consequences.

How to store Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon adhesive tape is smooth, has good anti-sticking, chemical resistance, high temperature and high insulation, it is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat and electrical and electronic industry. However, it is often appear this kind of circumstance during use: Teflon adhesive tape can not be used after bought back and store for few months. The problem is mainly due to storage and protection. So what do you need to pay attention to in storage and protection?

Storage Teflon adhesive tape should be packaged in a good package, and then sealed with plastic film, Seal is to avoid the sun, rain, and also to prevent contact with chemical corrosion solvents, but also should keep the warehouse dry and fire. Same type and thickness of Teflon adhesive tape should be placed together, and indicate the storage time with the label. If you want to store unspent Teflon adhesive tape, the tape should not only with plastic film packaging, but also with the label indicate the use of time and storage time. When using tape, be sure to follow the storage time to use. In the tape storage time, we need to regularly open the tape packaging, check the tape color and viscosity,If finding problems, one should timely handle with.

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Do not use exceed the shelf life of the PTFE Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon adhesive tape with a shelf life, the viscosity and strength of the Teflon tape exceed the shelf life is poor than the tape in shelf life.

The composition of Teflon adhesive tape: Inside is glass fiber cloth, and then coated with Teflon, and finally stick glue on the Teflon cloth, adhesive composition is the high-temperature silicone.
The problem of Teflon adhesive tape is affected by the sticky after shelf life: Over time, the viscosity of high-temperature silicone in Teflon tape will decline due to time, Based on the results of the aging test, we recommend that manufacturers with high viscosity requirements should use the Teflon tapes within 1 year after purchase. 3 to 5 months of viscosity can be guaranteed, then the viscosity will slowly decline, more than one year after the viscosity will be greatly reduced.

Another component of Teflon adhesive tape is Teflon coated fiber glass cloth. Because of long-term contact with air, so Teflon cloth by the corrosion of air and gradually be oxidized, thus affecting the strength. Originally high strength Teflon tape, because a long time in contact with air, it can easily be torn off when tearing. Therefore, we suggest customers do not to buy too may Teflon tapes, generally not more than 6 months dosage.

Teflon tape is a consumable, after used a period of time should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid has an impact on production because of environmental impact, do not to use the almost over the shelf life tapes.

PTFE Teflon adhesive tape storage and use of maintenance

Teflon tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sun and rain. It is prohibited to contact the organic solvent of acid-base oil, keep it clean and dry, and the room temperature is between -15 ℃ and 40 ℃.

Teflon tape should be placed in a roll, do not fold, store time should be turned over quarterly.

When the conveyor belt is best used crane, and with the rigging of a rigging beam, to avoid damaging band edges, Do not rude handling, causing loose roll rejection sets.

According to the needs and specific conditions to reasonable choose tape types and specifications.

Do not use different types, different types of models, strength, the number of cloth tape connection (with groups) used together.

Conveyor belt joint is best used thermal curing adhesive to improve reliability and maintain a high effective strength.

Conveyor roller diameter and the conveyor belt diameter of the minimum should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

Do not make the tape meandering or creeping, to maintain the tow roller, vertical roller flexible, tension should be moderate.

When the conveyor is equipped with a baffle and a cleaning device, wear of the tape should be avoided.

Cleanliness is the basic condition for Teflon tape to running well, and foreign material can affect tape eccentricity, tension differences, and even breakage.

If you find early damage to the Teflon tape when using, should promptly find out the cause, repair, to avoid the emergence of adverse consequences.

The applications of PTFE Teflon adhesive tape

Teflon adhesive tape surface is smooth, has a good anti-adhesive, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. Teflon tape is widely used in packaging, Teflon tape thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat, electrical and electronic industries, anti-corrosion heat-resistant insulation and other parts of paste, and has repeatedly paste function. Teflon tape, which is reinforced by fabric, is used in the roller of the sizing machine, thermoplastic stripping and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

For the packaging of food, rice pockets, medicines and other heat sealing pressure-sticky parts.
Teflon tape used as a heat sealing of plastic film.
For the precision roller surface of packaging dyeing and resin processing.
For packaging adhesives, laminating material coating machine roller surface.
Teflon tape for packing hopper, rail friction surface.
For non-adhesive packaging and the need to maintain the smoothness of the site.
As the equipment accessories lining use.
Teflon tape as insulation pads, insulation parts of the insulation package and other insulation package with the seam.

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PTFE Teflon adhesive tape usage and storage precautions

The method of application of Teflon adhesive tape

A. Clean the sticky surface before paste, after the surface of volatile alcohol, than start to paste.

B. The movement needs to light when you take apart and using Teflon tape, should not hard and not to stretch the tape; otherwise it will cause degumming, or heat deformation.

C. Paste uniform pressure, it is recommended from the side of the beginning to pressure, uniform rush to the other side, can not have bubbles, so the tape to show a good paste.

D. When you using Teflon tapes, try to avoid direct contact with the tape surface, It is recommended that the adhesive tape be trimmed after the tape is pasted, otherwise the adhesive tape will be affected.

E. In the case of having a concavo-convex surface and a more severe skewing deformation, there may affect the paste effect. So please try to paste the surface after finishing flat paste.

The storage precautions of Teflon adhesive tape

A. Make sure to put the Teflon tape in a special carton and store it at the specified humidity and temperature.

B. Please choose a place to avoid direct sunlight for storage.