Teflon High Temperature Cloth and its Application

Teflon high temperature cloth is a product with broad uses, which is renowned for its excellent properties, high-temperature resistance and dimensional stability. Glass fiber is generally used as a basic raw material for Teflon high temperature cloth. Glass fiber is woven into different styles of glass cloth such as twill, plain and so on through different weaving methods, and then it is produced by unique process, and finally coated with a liquid known as PTFE in Shenzhen Core-Tex Composite Materials Co., Ltd. The production of a heat-resistant cloth is Teflon high temperature cloth.

Teflon high temperature cloth is a kind of high performance composite material with stable chemical property. So it is widely used in many fields, such as aviation industry, paper industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and so on.

Application Range of Teflon High Temperature Cloth

1. Gaskets for heating food, like baking platters and microwave gaskets.

2. Anti-sticking linings or gaskets.

3. According to the different thickness, it can be used in conveyor belt, adhesive tape and sealing tape in a variety of machinery.

4. It can be used as corrosion resistant materials for various petrochemical pipelines, insulated, heat-resistant materials in electric industry and desulfurization materials in environmental protection.

Teflon High temperature cloth has high strength, low extensibility, and low and high temperature resistance. It’s not going to be a severe distortion. It’s also able to maintain great chemical stability between minus 70 degrees Celsius and 260 degrees Celsius. Its surface keeps smooth, and dose not stick together all kinds of goods. Teflon high temperature cloth also has a very excellent corrosion resistance to strong acid and alkali. These performances make Teflon high temperature cloth be extremely useful in the chemical industry.