Advantages of the Teflon series products produced by Shenzhen Core-Tex

Advantages of the Teflon series products produced by Shenzhen Core-Tex

After the product has been coated with Teflon, the product will have the following characteristics:

1. Teflon coating with non-stick: Almost all materials do not adhere to the Teflon coating. Very thin films also show good non-stick properties.

2. Teflon coating with heat resistance: The Teflon coating has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature to 300 °C in a short time, and can be used continuously between 240 °C and 260 °C. It has remarkable thermal stability, it can work at freezing temperature without embrittlement, and does not melt at high temperatures.

3. Teflon coating with sliding resistance: Teflon coating has a lower coefficient of friction. The friction coefficient changes when the load slides, but the value is only between 0.05 and 0.15.

4. Teflon coating with moisture resistance: The surface of the Teflon coating is not water or oily, and it is not easy to get into the solution during production. If there is a small amount of dirt stuck, it can be removed by simple wiping. Short downtime, saving time and increasing productivity.

5. Teflon coating with wear resistance: The product has excellent wear resistance under high load. Under certain load, it has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-sticking.

6. Teflon coating with corrosion resistance: Teflon is almost immune to drug erosion, it protects parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.