Why does the Teflon mesh belt get FDA food certification? Is the Teflon mesh belt safe for food baking?

Now Teflon mesh belt has been used more and more widely in the food baking industry. It can be used as a conveyor belt to dry food, such as dried chrysanthemum, dehydrated vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, wheat, etc. The platter is baked with mooncakes, biscuits, taro, pies, etc., and the application is more commonly used as a drying conveyor belt.

Why is the Teflon mesh belt suitable for food baking? Why can Teflon mesh belts improve the productivity, product quality and cost reduction of food baking companies?

  1. Teflon mesh belt has unparalleled high temperature resistance. Although the high temperature resistant ofteflon mesh belt is higher than the stainless steel mesh belt , the stainless steel mesh belt is easy to rust and can easily damage food.
  2. Teflon mesh has strong non-stick and anti-stick effect. It is not easy to stick to flour, cooking oil, starch, sugar, and it is easy to clean.
  3. The Teflon mesh belt itself has extremely high tensile strength and is resistant to fatigue and breakage. It is more important that the use in harsh environments does not affect its physical and chemical properties.
  4. Teflon mesh belts do not release gases and other substances that are toxic to humans. Teflon non-stick pans are a good example.
  5. The Teflon mesh belt has a long service life, which can greatly reduce the production investment of the enterprise, and the food enterprise can repair the damaged mesh belt by itself.

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Mesh belt

Mesh belt is a method of using static friction to drive a machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. It can be used to form a material conveying process on a certain conveying line from the initial feeding point to the final discharging point. It can carry out the transportation of broken materials as well as the transportation of individual items. In addition to pure material handling, it can also be combined with the requirements of the process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic flow line. The mesh belt materials used in different environments are also different, such as carbon steel, galvanized iron wire, spring steel and so on. The choice of working environment determines the choice of materials. Therefore, metal mesh belts are widely used in modern industrial enterprises. It is an indispensable and important accessory in automatic devices and modern automated assembly lines in various industries.

Mesh belt type

  1. According to the shape: crankshaft mesh belt, straight shaft mesh belt, flat wire mesh belt, B mesh belt, herringbone mesh belt, metal mesh belt, chain rod mesh belt, eye mesh belt, chain Chip mesh belt, chain mesh belt, U-shaped chain mesh belt, chain plate mesh belt, baffle mesh belt, triangular barrier mesh belt, rod mesh belt, flanged mesh belt, spherical mesh belt , belt type mesh belt, plus plate type mesh belt, single rotary mesh belt, diamond mesh belt and so on.

2, according to the use of: food mesh belt, conveyor belt, high temperature mesh belt, transmission mesh belt, etc.

3, according to the material points: stainless steel mesh belt, metal mesh belt and so on.