Corefrp high temperature PTFE coated fiberglass cloth

Corefrp High temperature PTFE coated fiberglass cloth is dimensionally stable, the elongation coefficient is less than 5‰; the continuous working temperature is -70-280°C; small friction coefficient; good insulation; dielectric constant 2.60, dielectric loss tangent less than 0.0025; easy to clean all kinds of oil, stains or other attachments; resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, corrosion; no burning, anti-aging, etc.

Application range of High temperature PTFE coated fiberglass cloth

1. Gasket for heating food, baking mat, microwave oven gasket;

2. Anti-adhesive lining, gasket, mask, etc.;

3. According to different specifications, varnished cloth can be used for conveyor belts of various drying machines, adhesive tapes, sealing tapes, etc.

4. It is used for corrosion protection of various petrochemical pipelines, electrical and electronic insulation, high temperature-resistant cladding materials, environmental desulfurization of power plant exhaust gas, etc.

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Gasket is a mechanical seal between two objects, usually used to prevent pressure, corrosion, and natural thermal expansion and contraction between the two objects. Since the machined surface is not perfect, the gasket can be used to fill the irregularities. The gasket is usually made of a sheet material such as mat paper, rubber, silicone rubber, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fiberglass or a plastic polymer such as polytetrafluoroethylene. Gaskets for specific applications may contain asbestos. Washer is a hole (usually in the middle) of a thin plate (usually round) that is typically a load thread fastener for dispensing. Other uses are as spacers, springs (Belleville gaskets, wave gaskets), wear pads, pre-display devices, and lock devices. Rubber gaskets are also used in faucets (valves) to cut off flowing liquids or gases. Rubber or silicon gaskets can also be used to reduce fan vibration. Usually the outer diameter of the gasket is about twice the inner diameter.

Varnished cloth

First paint the background with oil paint, then add a few layers of tung oil, polish and paint all kinds of patterns with colored paint, and finally cover with a layer of oil. Specifications are generally 2x 3 meters(Equal to Kang size); It has both practical value and beautification. In North of China, fire Kang, with ramming mats, quilts, wool felts or blankets, and varnishes to protect the carpet is very common. This was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Mostly handmade by folk artists.