How to test the viscosity of Teflon tape?

Because there are many suppliers in current market, Teflon tape’s quality is uneven. Most of customers pay attention to its sticky. For example, customers’ will is to use their own hands to test stickiness once getting a roll of tape. In fact, they certainly cannot test for the moisture, booty on their hands. We use steel to do the test in Teflon production, and the surface of the steel need to be very clean, which is a more formal test method. But many customers cannot do such test for the conditions limits. The best way should be glue itself with the face of adhesion, and then pull open. The greater the intensity of the pull, the greater the viscosity.

How to test the viscosity of Teflon tape?

Teflon tape has many characteristics like anti-adhesion, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on, so it is widely used in various industries. Teflon tape has a wide variety, different colors, and different price according to different quality. Today, our Taixing, Yong Sheng fluorine Plastic Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Teflon tape. At present, the thickness of Teflon tape is 0.13mm-0.3mm. Their color has coffee, blue, black, and white. And the black is divided into anti-static and non-antistatic. The price is RMB 40 yuan to 60 yuan. Our products are very popular since the listing.

Let us talk about that how long should the Teflon tape to be used, that the problem has been bothering a lot of customers. After testing and technical discussion, we found that the good-quality tape almost will not happen residual glue degumming in half a year. And the slightly low-quality tape that adhesive is not pure will have residual glue when using after half a year. Even in the moment of ripping off, glue has been falling off.

Some customers would like to order the amount of one year at a time. In fact, it is not beneficial for the usage and storage of tape. Tape will evaporate slowly in contact with the air. So the performance of the tape will reduce with the placement time. In order to make full use of Teflon tape, good-quality Teflon tape should be used in half a year, and the slightly low-quality tape should be used as soon as possible.

Please replace Teflon tape from Taizhou Co., Ltd. after a period of time, so as not to affect the quality of production.